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Color Measurement made easy. 

MeasureColor Mobile is a color measurement solution consisting of a small device to capture surface color data and an app to view, share and manage workflow.

▪ Scan just about anything to make sure the color is correct.

▪ Inspect finished goods. 

▪ Match samples to your color standards.

▪ Quickly find the best match.

▪ Accurate and easy to use. 




Packaging • Plastic • Licensed Goods • Metals • Labels • Paint • Print • Coatings 


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Import your colors.  

-  Use MeasureColor Mobile with your approved colors.

- Add your product codes, links and images 

- Share with your supply chain so everyone has the correct color standard.

- Promote, protect and control brand color integrity. 

- Match to your color specs and targets


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Scan & Match

MeasureColor Mobile is a portable device you can take anywhere.....the shop floor, supplier sites, client meetings.

- Scan the surface and the app displays the best product match. 

- deltaE results are immediate and easy to read. 


Inspect & Compare Colors

Use MeasureColor Mobile to check finished goods.

- QC anywhere.

- Accurate and can be customized with YOUR color standards.  



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Results from suppliers or production sites. 

See measurement results from suppliers or production sites.

Any location, all locations. Domestic or global or both. 

Set the targets and metrics. 

We'll update your (private) dashboard. 

You're in charge of the quality... 

...we can help. 

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MeasureColor Mobile dashboard. Overall score = 87%. 7 passed inspections, 1 fail based on client standards of 1.0 dE. 



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accurate + easy to use

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